About Us

We are a 40 year old legacy firm involved in the supply of various stones, sand and minerals through the years. We have been the pioneers in the usage of every material we have introduced through the years. The first being the mosaic chips acquired from crushing various stones for making mosaic tiles. This mosaic tiles were used for flooring in various projects. Also these tiles were exported extensively to the Middle East countries during 1975 to 1985.


At the same we introduced the sandtex effect of wall décor which was widely used in schools, government offices, commercial and residential projects, etc. Along with this the In-situ process of wall and floor décor caught on, where we supplied chips, powder and oxide colors in various grades which soon became the biggest stream of business over time for the company.


As the company was involved in the supply of various natural stone chips, we introduced the other forms of stones such as pebbles, boulders, stones, sand, etc. for exterior landscaping and interior designing projects.


Currently we have an extensive product portfolio of stones, pebbles, chips, slate, sand and minerals for various end uses.


Over the years we have established strong relations with our various suppliers and transport and logistics providers across the country which helps us to procure and supply our products across the country. We are now looking forward to catering to the export markets with our product range in the field of landscaping and interior design solutions.

  ::   Our Vision  

The company aims to provide interior and exterior solutions in various natural materials and earthy tones and enhance its product offerings from time to time. We will strive to provide lifestyle products to our customers at an affordable price in our area of business.

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