Chiplast Plaster

CHIPLAST plaster is an economical plaster, which is easy and quick to apply. It can be applied with manual spray machine or spray gun. For application 3 parts of cement is mixed with 1 part of powder and 1 part of chips by volume. The cement used can be grey if the wall is to be painted later or white cement can be used with cement oxide colours during the plaster for the desired colour of the wall. The plaster is to be completed in two or three coats.   The plastered surface is to be cured later. A coat of silicon is recommended to avoid fungal growth and dust accumulation.

:: Advantages:
Textured effect to the surface.
Adds to the life of the external plaster.
Minimizes scope of hair cracks in the plaster due to drying and shrinking of the
  cement plaster.

Colour option if plaster done in white cement and mixed with cement based oxide colours.

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